SIDD (Systemic Inhaled Drug Delivery) platform A platform for the effective delivery of regulated pharmaceuticals

The delivery of systematic medications through the lungs

Today, technology is revolutionising healthcare, changing the way medicines are developed and treatments are delivered. Senzer’s propriety drug delivery device, the SIDD or Systemic Inhaled Drug Delivery platform, is a patient-friendly and easy-to-use breath-operated inhaler.

Our proven and propriety design is underpinned by over 330 granted patents and design rights worldwide. Designed for speed and efficiency, the device uses pressure to generate a vapour for inhalation. By investing in ground-breaking technologies and platforms, we will drive innovation within our pipeline and deliver better solutions for our patients.

The portable multi-dose SIDD platform provides patients with a convenient, safe and cost-effective platform for the delivery of regulated pharmaceuticals

The key feature that differentiates the SIDD inhaler is its unique micro-engineered breath operated valve technology

The inhaler is activated by the user breathing through it. As they do so, a pressure differential is generated between air chambers allowing the pressurised formulation to be released from the internal reservoir. This creates turbulent flow, aerosolization and formulation with optimal characteristics for effective delivery. This finely tuned system results in fine particles of an ideal size to be absorbed in a user’s lungs.