Proven, proprietary and protected drug inhalation technology

A unique formulation system for Senzer's inhalation device

To complement Senzer’s SIDD platform, the company has developed a range of proprietary and protected drug formulations, optimised for stability and optimal inhaled dosing. These pressurised drug formulations have been tested extensively to ensure that they both complement the device and provide the desired characteristics.

Achieving effective systemic drug delivery requires the distribution of a precise range of particle sizes that will reach the deep lung and induce systemic absorption. When used with the SiDD platform, Senzer’s pressurised formulation system atomises into fine droplets, capable of effective lung absorption.

Size Impact Position
1 >5um Slow limited uptake Throat to Pharynx
2 0.65-5um Rapid uptake Bronchi to Alveoli
3 <0.65um No uptake Exhaled