A unique pharmaceutical product with significant clinical advantages

Innovation in action

When combined, Senzer’s SIDD platform and formulation systems work together to ensure the effective delivery of acute medicine when it is needed most. The delivery of systemic treatments via inhalation has a number of significant advantages over oral delivery including a very rapid onset of action, low drug metabolism and high bioavailability.


fine particle fraction

A novel breath actuated device that delivers a fine particle fraction (< 5um) greater than any product currently on the market. There is no heat, no smell and no combustion, the ‘easy to use’ technology is patient and clinician friendly.

Air flow Drug path

proven systemic delivery in under

2 mins

The technology provides effective systemic drug delivery with comparable speed to IV and enhanced bioavailability compared to oral with >50% of Cmax achieved in under 2 minutes in pharmacokinetic testing of the technology.