Senzer’s respiratory expertise is shaping first line therapeutic options for the Covid-19 pandemic

Senzer's Critical Care Division has a focus on the development of novel inhaled medicines for clinical trial use in COVID-19 infection

Within our Critical Care Division, we will harness our expertise in developing inhaled medicines for use within clinical trials to create targeted anti-viral treatments for Covid-19.

Work is already underway on formulating two specific medicines with known anti-viral properties to allow inhaled delivery via pressurised metered-dose inhalers directly to the respiratory tract.

We believe that inhaler delivery may offer potential advantages over oral intake because it is directly targeted to the respiratory tract, easy to administer, and has the potential to require much lower doses than oral administration of the same medicine. This has the potential to reduce the occurrence of unwanted side effects; and so positively affecting the safety profile of the products being tested in forthcoming clinical trials.

Early intervention may prove vital for treating Covid-19 patients

If the clinical trials are successful, this could mean:

  • Treatment can commence on presentation of early symptoms i.e. primary care
  • Treatment can be provided to hospitalized patients not requiring ventilator support
  • Early deployment of anti-viral treatments is aimed at reducing advancement to stages 5, 6 and 7
  • Any therapy capable of reducing disease progression will result in fewer patients in the Intensive Care Unit reducing the strain on Healthcare services
  • The approach can also be highly relevant to patients in high-risk settings, such as Care Homes

A targeted approach based on a known modality

Inhaler based drug delivery is a widely-accepted route of administration

  • Pressurised metered-dose inhalers are well known to healthcare professionals, and appropriate for use with pediatric, adult and elderly patient groups
  • Use of inhalers has proven medical effect, having been in widespread use for the treatment of asthma and other respiratory conditions for many years
  • Providing inhaled low dose treatment (1-2% of daily oral dose of the same medicine) directly to the respiratory tract may help reduce the occurrence of unwanted side-effects

Our UK supply chain is gearing up to deliver millions of doses globally if clinical studies are positive

  • Work is already underway on formulating two specific medicines with known anti-viral properties
  • All manufacturing undertaken according to GMP requirements, allowing release for clinical studies
  • Formulation and pilot scale production is now scheduled
  • Use of low cost and low technology metered dose inhalers will allow supply chains to be scaled up rapidly to provide millions of doses a year for clinical use

Senzer’s Critical Care Division is fully committed to develop and deliver targeted investigational medicines for the treatment of COVID-19 infection