Investing in the future of pioneering inhalation technologies and cannabinoid therapies


Senzer is a pharmaceutical company which pioneers the development of unique respiratory cannabinoid products. Through its proven leadership in drug development, and device design and manufacture, Senzer has successfully built a distinctive business that delivers sustainable value for its stakeholders. In particular, we are focused on the commercialisation of our products where specific medical needs are not being met, such as cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Due to the poor bioavailability, slow absorption and first-pass metabolism issues of the molecules, other delivery systems such as oral and solution, are limited. Senzer’s highly advanced respiratory technology is uniquely placed to overcome these issues and maximise the use of these molecules against a number of pharmacological targets.

The technology has already been approved by the MHRA, the UK regulatory agency, and with over 330 granted patents in over a dozen international territories, Senzer offers an opportunity to supply next-generation products to patient populations who continue to have a high need for these molecules delivered effectively, safely and efficiently.

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